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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kanatarider, May 17, 2009.

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    I have inherited an 8gb iPod touch; former owner said he drowned it and it still works, but has to remain plugged in to do so. When plugged in to the USB, it charges, iTunes recognizes, all is good and full of rejoice.

    When I take it off the USB, it will work fine for a short while...then it will crash and I will get the Apple logo blinking on and off...

    And to top it off, while it will run off the USB it will not turn on when in a docking station...so I can't even use it for work purposes...

    I tried restoring, to no avail. I also pulled it apart to see if there was any apparent water damage...

    My thinking is mostly along the lines of the battery being fried, as the battery reaches 0% shortly after crashing; however that could just be due to it trying to boot up...And my Power button also doesn't appear to work

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    Soo...any ideas? I've spent about 5 hours now searching for some answers, but I am pretty stuck at this point...I will settle for just being able to use this thing docked if it came to it...
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    As I got up, I read up a bit more....I checked out the iPod for any red indicator stickers (to indicate if it has indeed been wet) and I don't see anything...could be it crashed and he simply thought he got it wet (IE maybe he was out in the rain or w/e and associated it with that)...
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    Well if you have opened it, apple might refuse to repair it. Though these type of problems can only be solved by them (if it can be solved). Take it to them and see if they can do something. Also the litmus paper will be in the headphone jack (atleast for 2g). So check it out. Hope it helps

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