i tunes update and 1.1.3 upgrade

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Lee, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Reading on other forums it seems to be an issue that after updating your i tunes and installaing the 1.1.3 upgrade, when you pay the fee for the app"s some people have been charged 2-3 times, and are chasing refunds.

    Obviously some people are disgruntled at having to pay for these app's too.
    I paid £12.99 for these and was happy to do so for what I got in return. One complaint is that the i phone users get this type of upgrade for free > well yes because they are on a subscription service.

    Their is talk of the newer models coming with these app's on or a reduction in the cost of the unit to cover for the cost of the upgrade.

    Anyways you are given a choice at the time just to put the 1.1.3 update on without the app's or just simply decline the update and jailbreak.

    The choice is yours !

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