I need some tips on how to make money on mafia live!

Discussion in 'Social Game Friend Codes' started by NinjaBurrito, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I seem to never have any money in my back account on mafia live. For example:

    I'm level 50, yet i only have 4 million in the bank, and are only making 51,000 every 60 minutes due to the equipment i have. And i still lose almost all my money from attacks! AHHH it's annoying!

    And, everyone i seem to attack, their health is always to low to attack. is there a way to check this? Thanks.
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    Put your money in the bank so you don't lose it :/

    Since you've invested all your money in equipment, focus on attacking others. That will be your main way of getting money.

    It will say if the person is healthy or not. OK means good and ??? means it could go either way.

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