i need some help with myspace layouts

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    okay so im making a myspace layout from scratch.

    basically what im going for is just to only have an iphone, and each icon represents something, IE sms for comments, mail for message, and photos for... well photos.

    i already made the "layout" and will attach it below, you just go to your web browser after youve downloaded it and select the html file inside it.

    however where im getting stuck is...
    in the tutorial that im using it says you must upload all the images in the "images" folder to a online server like photobucket and then replace the src blahblahblah with the url instead of your file system. i did that, however when i put the code into my myspace about me, or any other section for that matter, it all shows up as ".." for every image, and when i go back to look at the code its different than what i originally pasted it in as.

    so thats my problem, the closest ive got is to paste the html code of each image in substitute for the ".."s but then theyre not all together, so if someone could tell me what im doing wrong thatd be great thanks

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