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    Okay please help me...

    I was on palringo (free iphone app) and i was talking to someone in public chat.. Then i pmed the person.. After that he said he was sniffing my ip.. I was on wifi.. Then he showed me a pic of my ip adress in his command promt with the words "ESTABLISHED" and "LISTENING"

    He made statements like

    "does ur router have a generic password.. I hope not"
    and "do online banking?"


    "im going to install a netbus in hyour router"

    The real question is.. Is this true??


    even if he did do this (with my wifi ip address) could he get the information off my main computer..? for example if my brother pays bills off the main computer.. Can he steal the credit card info off my brothers computer.. With only the ip address that he found off my iphone??

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    pls help me im freakin out

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