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    Headphone Review: I-Mego Throne
    I-Mego | On-Ear Headphones | $139.99

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    I-Mego isn’t a well-known company when it comes to the audio industry, they are, however, trying to make their footprint. The Throne headphones offer a unique, yet classic, design to them with audio that isn’t too shabby overall. Do the flagship model have what it takes to play with the big boys? Read on to find out.

    • Driver: 40mm dynamic
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Impedance: 32 ohms
    • Sensitivity: N/A
    In the Box
    • I-Mego Throne Headphones
    • Carrying Pouch
    • 1/4" Adapter
    • Smartphone 4-pole to 4-pole Adapter

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    The Thrones do come with a good set of accessories.


    There is no doubting that the Thrones have a design fit for a king, a singing king that is. The design may look random, awkward, and maybe even weird at first glance. However, that second glance will allow you to uncover the idea of a microphone. They are shiny and pretty to look at and are available in two colors: gold (gold + black combo) and poison (gunmetal + dark purple combo). Both colors offer a bit of fun, but the gold seems more grown up and professional in my opinion.

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    There is no doubting that the design is out there, but it is attractive.

    Design: ★★★★


    The Throne offers a warmer, lusher, and inviting sound to them. They are relaxing and non-fatiguing with a slight mid-bass focus which offers good punch and impact couple with lush mids and relaxed highs.

    The low end of these focuses mainly on the mid-bass. That said, these do have a good punch to them, which is something I was pleased with. They are well controlled while having a good impact and mid-bass presence to wrap everything out. As you dig lower, you are left with the impression that it could do better down into the sub-bass regions. Texturing is there, but it lacks presence and doesn’t extend as low as it can.​

    Bass: ★★★★½
    The midrange on the Thrones is actually very smooth and relaxing overall. The vocals would be easily described as lush and relaxing, but has that extra bit of oomph and power behind it when needed. Clarity is ample at best and could use a little more work while detailing is much better overall. The mids are warm and relaxing with an average sound stage.​

    Mids: ★★★★½
    The highs continue with the warm, relaxing signature and are recessed a bit. Splashes can be heard with a hint of energy, if you want to call it a hint. They are really just laid back. Detailing is ample, but like in the midrange, can use a slight bit of work. Clarity is there for what you can hear, but the slightly recessed highs cause problems here as well. Overall though, they are nice to listen to.​

    Highs: ★★★★
    Audio: ★★★★½


    The build quality on the I-Mego headphones is not bad actually. Included with them is a carrying pouch. Although I’d rather have a hard case, this works well as their build is actually good.

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    A small pouch is included to safely store your Thrones.

    The housings feel very sturdy overall. Strong materials are used to cover up the back-side cloth that induces a classic feel to it. Really, overall, quality materials and craftsmanship is done with the Thrones to not make them look good, but feel good as well. Metal sliders also attach the housings to the headband.

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    The attractive housings are nice and sturdy with metal sliders.

    The headband does have a metal strip running through it and is coated with foam. It’s thick and looks of quality. It’s covered in beautiful leather that is also stitched in a classic fashion. It’s not thin, nor does it feel weak. The headband will last a while, that’s for sure.

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    The headband is strong and has beautiful stitching that screams quality.

    The cable has a bit of a thinness to it that isn’t entirely the best. If there is something that does feel quality, it’s the cable, no doubt. It doesn’t tangle too easily, but can at times. It is thin, but does have a sense of strength too.

    The headphone jack is a thick square rubber piece. The rubber feels strong and the strain relief stiff with a bit of flexibility to it. It, however, is straight as opposed to angled. I would rather have an angled jack, but this one does fare well nonetheless.

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    The headphone jack is square and strong.

    Build: ★★★★


    If there is one thing that I-Mego did absolutely right with the Thrones, is that they are comfortable. In my time as a reviewer, I’ve had a little more than a handful of headphones, and these are in my top two most comfortable headphones I have. Bit foam pads mix in with a thick headband to really seal the entire deal. These are just comfortable. Despite being marketed as an over-ear model, I do feel these are on-ear. Still doesn’t change the comfort though.

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    Thick pads ensure hours upon hours of comfort.

    Comfort: ★★★★


    If you need a pair of headphones you can wear for hours on end, or something with a classy, but unique design, then drop the 140 on the Thrones. Build quality feels very strong overall, but I would have wished for a slightly better cable. For the price, these are priced competitively for the audio quality you get. There is better for less, be aware of that. A remote and mic is included for smartphone users as well, they are sized for a good portable on-ear.

    Value: ★★★★½

    Final Thoughts

    I do feel that I-Mego has taken a step in the right direction with their Throne headphones. The smooth, relaxing signature doesn’t overpower. Rather, it invites the listener into a fun listening experience that is musical and fun. The design aspects are out there, but also have a good set theme behind them.

    I’d like to thank Adrienne for the review sample.

    Overall Score

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