I loved Farscape the series. But the miniseries was sort of ok.?

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    I'm a farscape fan The story was so fast forward. All of these old characters and some new ones appear in the miniseries. Jothee, D'Argo's son also came back but looked different at the time since he left Season 3. The miniseries was great. But I think farscape should have showed the fifth and last season. So then we can get to see the characters progressing in each episode. In the miniseries, its like everyone comes for a reunion party not knowing where they have been and have done at that time unless you ask them. Plus this Grand Chancellor pops out of nowhere. Was he mentioned in the previous seasons of Farscape?. I don't recall. Those who don't know who Grand Chancellor is. He is the Peacekeeper that made Commandant Mele-on Grayza pregnant and later was killed by Grayza. Anyway do you think the miniseries was a good wrap-up or they should have shown the 5th season.

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