i just got my ipod a week ago, need some help

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by jinjin12, Oct 28, 2010.

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    hey guys i just got my ipod touch 4g a week ago and i got a couple of questions that i hope you can help me with. this is my first ever idevice, i had a zune 30g before this:

    1) itunes does not accept wmv right? i know ipod can play wmv if u have third party apps but i'm saying that to sync it true itunes, the format must not be in wmv right? cause i converted some wmv to mpeg4 and intunes accepted some of them, and some of the it rejected. i don't why but it's in mpeg4 format too so idk why it would reject some and accept some. also itunes does not auto convert video files to match the ipod? the zune software was able to do it.

    2) ok i have some mpeg4 fils on my desktop and i put it in itunes then later synced it with my ipod. if i delete the files from my directly from desktop not using itunes and later sync my intunes with my ipod, the files would be deleted from my ipod too? or does itunes make a backup copy of those files somewhere and actually use those files for syncing?

    3) similar to the 2nd question but with ipa files. they are on my desktop and i synced them to itunes and them my ipod. if i removed the ipa files from my desktop and resync to ipod, would it also delete from my ipod? or are ipa files like .exe where u just need to use them once and then u can delete them? cause i actually synced some ipa files from my desktop then moved them to another folder then resynced and they were no longer available in my ipod.
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    1.) Umm u can convert wmv to aac. But iTunes doesn't convert vids. Atleast not to my knowledge

    2.) You can allow iTunes to make backups of your music and put it in its folder. Afterwards you can delete from desktop.
    Don't forget to delete from itunes as the location will still try to search your desktop. Just readd using itunes folder that it copied to.

    3.) Same with ^

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