I can't stand iPhoto.

Discussion in 'Mac & OS X' started by SkylarEC, May 16, 2010.

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    I swear to God, it's the worst program I've ever used. It's difficult to use, it's not very flexible, and it's ugly. I could go on and on listing the bad qualities of iPhoto, but the absolute worst is the way it decided to take my organized collect of almost 20,000 pictures and rearrange them so they are in the organized by how iPhoto feels they should be organized.

    I've dealt with this problem by simply never opening iPhoto and practically forgetting about my photo collection. Vacations, memories, etc. Now though, I want to reclaim my pictures.

    I am willing to start the task or reorganizing my pictures the way I'd like them to be organized, but I have the problem of iPhoto. I'd like to completely remove iPhoto from my computer and isntall a replacement. The issue here is that I am not aware of any alternatives to iPhoto. Basically, all I want is to navigate to a directory of my organized photos and view them. Similar to how I can open one picture in Windows and view all the pictures one after the other. I forget the name of the program in Windows, but it's the default picture viewer (I believe); it works perfectly.

    I don't need or want a photo editor. I have PhotoShop if I want to edit any photos. I definitely don't want a photo organizer either. That would defeat the purpose.

    Are there any alternatives to iPhoto, or anything that would propide me with what I want? I don't want to just use Preview (because I hate that app as well), but I will if I have no other choice.

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    Completely agree. It's ugly, it's not intuitive at all and the only way you can get the full potential out of it, is if you started taking photos at the same time as you started using iPhoto.

    You and me have thousands of photos that I want to organise (ready for my iPad, or just for display purposes or whatever..) and it's so hard to do because iPhoto isn't flexible. I think it's easier just to view photos in Finder now.

    I think instead of adding a massive map and glitchy face recognition, Apple should focus on making it WORK better first... They've made some amazing apps, but iPhoto ain't one of 'em.

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