Huge Problem with installing iTunes Please Help!

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by tc47, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Oh my god, please tell me I havent shot myself. My problem is the following:

    I had Bonjour, but on iTunes it said that Bounjour had not started so I couldnt share music, library, use AppleTV or use ipod Touch as remote or anything. So it told me how to start it and kept trying to but it said that I couldnt with some error message about not having the privileges even though I am admin and so on. And then I found a thread about installing Bonjour to fix the remote problems + more so I went to the link to download it, and I read it carefully so I uninstalled Bonjour because it says remove any previous versions before downloading. So I removed Bonjour, and tried the install of the new download. Now it cant even install Bonjour at all since it attempts to start it during the install, so now I do not have Bonjour. So no remote or anything with iTunes.

    So I go look for help in other threads and apple forums, and it says try reinstalling iTunes because it installs Bonjour itself. So I uninstall iTunes, and then try installing it. Now, during the installation, it tells me that Bonjour cannot start and gives an error message saying I dont have the privileges to start Bonjour (even though I am admin) and it quits the installation just like the Bonjour setup. So now I cannot find any way to install iTunes at all, which means I cant use my iPod touch with the computer, and I dont have iTunes, nothing! I am completely panicking, have tried looking around for help, none of the "fixes" work and this annoying Bonjour thing wont get installed because it cannot start for some reason. I swear to god, PLEASE tell me someone has some help for me! What will I do without iTunes, I just cant manage to fix this. Any help is VERY appreciated, please.
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    Same problem. Lot of people say mcaffee is to balme, uninstalled it and nothing. Now i have no itunes and to top it off my ipod is stuck in restore mode with no way to fix it!

    can anyone please help?
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    Found a temp soultion. Click start then network, then 'network and sharing centre'. On the left click 'manage network connections'. Here you see a list of all your connections, probably LAC and wireless. Righ click lac then propertise. Unchceck ipv6 and the two 'link layer' boxes. Do the same for wireless. Restart computer and it should install, if still not working then disconnect from the internet while installing.

    This is only a temp solution because without link layer i dont think bonjour will work, but at least itunes will install.

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