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    if u want the pass and username t my ishare go to my blog here and leave a comment on my ishare post with your email and ill email you the pass and username .Heres a list of all the roms in my ishare account. By the way the .BIN extension means it's a sega genesis rom and .SMC means it's a SNES rom.

    Need for speed most wanted.gba
    After burner II.bin
    Castelvania Bloodlines.bin
    Castelvania The new generation.bin
    Command & Conquer.bin
    Contra hard Corps.bin
    Final fanstasy II.smc
    Fire emblem thraki 776.smc
    Gunstar Heroes.bin
    Herzog Zwei.bin
    Magic Sword.smc
    Might and Magic II- Gates to another word.smc
    Mortal kombat 5.bin
    Mortal kombat 3.bin
    Mortal kombat 3.smc
    Ogre battle march of the black queen.smc
    Phantasy star II.bin
    Phantasy star III generations of doom.bin
    Phantasy star IV.bin
    scph1001.bin (psx4all bios)
    shining force resurrection of the dark dragon.gba
    Sim city 2000.bin
    Sonic 2 ultimate.bin
    Sonic and knuckles.bin
    Spiderman vs venom.smc
    Street fighter 2 special championship.bin
    streets of rage 3.bin
    super punch out.smc
    Ultimate mortal kombat 3.smc
    yu-gi-oh gx duel academy.gba
    Zelda- a link to the past.smc

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