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    I have a template running and I'm editing it right now, but i have two questions.
    1. How do i add pages to the site using the template, as in i click a button and it sends you to another part of the site.
    2. How do i add the pictures to the button links, i put in a picture link, but that doesn't work

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    Any help would be appreciated.
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    1) you need to make a new page. Like newPage.html and add the page code to it. Then in your buttons, you need to make them point to that page extension.
    You should also store that html file in the same section of your webspace as your home/index page. This makes it easier to path.

    2) You need to store the image you want as the button on your webspace. Then when you make the link code you need to have it show the image instead of text. Using the HTML image coding. If you dont know what the coding is for images or links i suggest you look it up. Whne you use dreamweaver it wont always do this part for you.

    i would show you examples but i am on my POS laptop right now and can barely multitask.

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