Hp nc6000 recovery disks

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    I recently purchased a used compaq nc6000 laptop.
    The previous owner had a bunch of stuff that I don't want on it, and I'd like to return it to it's factory condition. (a fresh install of windows on a reformatted hard drive.)

    After doing some research I found the way to do this is to boot from a hidden partition that is no longer in the hard drive.

    I contacted hp, and they said I need to use a quick recovery cd that came with the computer, however since I bought this used, I don't have that. I asked if I could buy one, and they said that they don't have the license to make them anymore since windows xp pro is "obsolete".

    So I ask you my fellow iptf,

    If any of you have a Quick Recovery disk for a hp compaq nc6000 running windows xp pro, or a image of the recovery partition, I would be very much interested in aquiring one of these.

    Contact me through pm, or an email to my username @ gmail.com.

    Thank you.
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