[HOWTO] Clone your iDevice's disk over ssh. (Full Backup/Restore)

Discussion in 'Linux' started by dsm.iv.tr, Nov 25, 2009.

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    I came across this thread:


    and there were two issues for me.

    One, /dev/rdisk0 is unbuffered and as of firmware 3.1.2, I can't access it no matter how I try - as root with cat, dd, or any other tool. Something's funny with Darwin. In any case, /dev/disk0 - the buffered disk device - works just fine.

    After setting up ssh on your device in whatever way you believe is easiest, ensure `dd` is installed on both the iDevice and your local machine, then modify this command to suit your needs.

    It will write a bit-perfect copy of the usable disk space on your iDevice to whatever filename you specify in the "of=" argument. By bit-perfect, I mean that if your iDevice is 8GB, the image will be 8GB. A complete image, ready to be written back in case of any serious issues.

    $ ssh -v root@your.ipod.ip.address 'dd if=/dev/disk0' | dd of="ipod-touch-nand.dd.img"
    I haven't tried it - but if you want to restore, do the reverse.

    $ dd if="ipod-touch-nand.dd.img" | ssh -v root@your.ipod.ip.address 'dd of=/dev/disk0'
    Note that this is over wifi, using ssh. You could easily run something like iproxy and do it over USB, using usbmuxd.

    Good luck! Happy iPodding.

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