How too make battery Icons and install them

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    Hi guys this is a tut on how too make A battery icon and install it, ya I was asking this same ? like three days ago but after dissembling theme after theme I figured out how too make my own themes.

    So my first question was, How big does it need too be well I would say width needs too be under 320 because that is the pixel size of the wallpapers.

    second Question asked myself what is the height, well I still dont know what the exact peramiters are. But Im using 150pixels.

    three I figured out that all of the files must be named " BatteryBG_1" replace the one as you go along with whatever frame you are on there should be 16 frames at the most I was told : ).

    Next you have all of your frames and move them too one area, Like desk top or ur theme file. create a folder called "Bundles" inside of bundles create another file called "" and this is were you will place all of your frames for your battery theme.

    Finally ssh them into your theme folder on your ipod the in following directory "/private/var/stash/Themes" mine is a bit different because I forgot too reformat last time I installed my jail broken software.

    Finally if you really are clueless too this theme creating ALL THEME FRAMES BUST ME IN PNG FORMAT!!!

    Hi guys if anyone has used this and it worked for you or didn't please comment : ) and if you think I should have added anything please comment below and Ill edit it.

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