how to unbrick 3.0beta5 and now want to update. plz help

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by gilddp, Jun 19, 2009.

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    [SOLVED] how to fix after brick from failed update + 3.0 beta + upgrade to 3.0

    hi.. i tried to restore to 3.0 and it gives me error 1604 :S

    i had updated to 3.0 beta5 but then it bricked.. today i was able to get him back to life, first unplug all usb and restart pc:
    *restore to 2.2.1 till i had a white screen,
    *ctr+alt+del and exit itunes.
    *disconect and reconect ipod with white screen and set back to 2.2.1.. it works, i'm happy.

    now i have an ipod on 2.2.1 but i cant update to the official 3.0 version

    there is probably some troubles in my ipod and i really want to update to 3.0 so plz if any help post here or email me at

    EDIT: will jailbreaking my ipod again help? I know it's not legal but i purshased the software :S its 8 euros!!
    EDIT 2: now succesfully jailbroken.. should i try to update now?
    EDIT 3: no luck so far
    EDIT 4: Seems like its working.. again with the white screen method

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    thx for ur help.. im happy i solved it myself
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    Wow I feel bad that no one helped ._.

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