How To: Stop Automatic updating (on the iPod)

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    Ok this was originally posted by Tyr0 so thanks to him.

    But if you change just your version number, when you connect to iTunes, it does not recognize 1.1.3 as a new firmware (so name it above 1.1.3, for example i have 2.0.0)

    So yea if you wish to stop iTunes automatically updating your iPod to 1.1.3 edit that file.

    Tyr0's Original post
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    So is there seriously a chance that iTunes will try to update the firmware automatically???

    I've never had iTunes do anything w/o prompting me first.

    FWIW, I'm still on 7.5 on two different computers and neither one's tried to make me update. (at least not yet). I have everything set for manual and made sure I "un-ticked" the 'automatically check for updates' box under Preferences.

    Assuming that 'automatically check for updates' is checking for both new versions of iTunes *and* new firmware...........does that not stop iTunes from doing so???

    (I think iTunes should have 2 boxes to tick or un-tick based on firmware updates *and* iTunes updates so that we know exactly what we're choosing).

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