[How To] Set Carrier Images on 1.1.3 iPhones.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SkylarEC, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I got sick of staring at AT&T, so I looked into the solution, and I found one.
    1. Load either my custom version of Customize (Customize 1.21 (custom), 2) or my iPod customize Fix from the ipodtouchfans repository: http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml
    2. Using SSH or SFTP, AFP, or any other method of accessing your iPhone, navigate to /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ATT_US.bundle (or what ever service you are on).
    3. Once there, rename FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png as FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png.orig
    4. Rename Default_CARRIER_ATT.png as Default_CARRIER_ATT.png.orig
    5. Create a symlink to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/FSO_CARRIER_IPOD.png and name it FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png
    6. Create a symlink to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/Default_CARRIER_IPOD.png and name it Default_CARRIER_ATT.png
    7. On your iPhone, select any carrier you want from Customize.
    8. Respring and Enjoy!

    Now, before you ask, yes, this a little round about, but I like this way, as it is the only guaranteed way to have a) have backups; and b) ensure that Customize will work without editing Customize's chooserViews plist.

    To create the symlinks, the easiest way would be to open up SSH and type these three commands (note the spaces and capitalisation, they are CRUCIAL):
    cd /System/Library/Carrier\ Bundles/ATT_US.bundle
    ln -s /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/FSO_CARRIER_IPOD.png FSO_CARRIER_ATT.png
    ln -s /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/Default_CARRIER_IPOD.png Default_CARRIER_IPOD.png

    Unfortunately, this can't go on the repo because the XML can't handle backslashes.

    Good luck,

    EDIT: I've put a script in Installer that does this for you on AT&T.
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    a little work, but nice tut
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    Sklar i got this the first time from ipodtouchfans source now i have a new iphone and i want to do the same again but is not in the source anymore and i dont't have any idea how to put it manually can sombody have "how to SSH for dummies" ???????

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