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    I'm not sure if there is another\better method for doing this but I became annoyed with not being able to save passwords for various sites so I wrote a small javascript which is saved as a bookmark and when launched fills in the login details

    The script is on this page

    How to use:
    1:Replace all BLOCK CAPITALS with your information if necessary add more usernames\password or remove
    2:Add\Remove\Modify the code blocks to met your needs

    	} else
    (The above loads the details for hotmail\web messenger...)

    You will have to look at the source code of the html to get the variable names and form index (Though its usually 0)

    3:The third block is when no known page can be found if the script finds where it thinks the username\password details should go it asks will it use the known details

    4:To test your modified script open a webpage (On the computer) to one of the login pages e.g "".Paste the script in the address bar If coded correctly it will write the info to the fields

    5:When satisfied that it all works type in the address bar (Firefox) then paste the script after it, go to that page.It will fail to load but cut the text in the address bar and repaste it.Firefox should have filled in the blanks with %20

    6:Take this link and email it to yourself but insert it as a hyperlink don't just copy and paste it in as it is too long

    7:On the ipod touch read your email and follow the hyperlink you sent yourself.

    8:Again this page will fail to load but bookmark this link.

    9:Go to Bookmarks and press EDIT edit the link , track back to the very start of the url (A long way) and remove
    i.e. so all that is left is javascript:...

    10: Save this and your done

    :To use go to your login page and then use the bookmark you created

    Note:Your username\passwords are obviously not encrypted and anyone who should think of it and have your ipod touch and know how could get your username\password

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    Awesome! If this works you will be my HERO! I'll try it out now.

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