How to reinstall lower version itunes after installing 7.6

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by 1god1king, Jan 16, 2008.

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    May be a better way if so let me know but this is what i did as i didn't want the 7.6 and was going through hell trying to reinstall a earlier version of iTunes

    Ok i installed 7.6 on my xp because well I don't know anyway after deleting it i tried to reinstall 7.5
    told it couldn't because last installation was by a newer version

    so this is what i did to get my 7.5 back I don't have any music on this pc and i would assume if you do this you probably will lose all of it if you do

    edit only remove iTunes after reinstall iTunes would only recognize my 5th gen not my touch but did reinstall the lower version of Itunes 7.5 prompt to reinstall 7.5 did so and it worked fine if you try let me know how it work's out for you or if there is another way to do this thanks

    1 .go to start and find run type in msconfig remove check from iTunes helper and click apply let pc restart you will see a window open on restart click don't show me again just letting you know changes have been made

    2. uninstall iTunes

    3. restart now there is a program that i use which is free and is called ccleaner
    i use it to clean up my registry and have used it for a while with out spyware problems etc and it allow you to make backup of all you delete not sure if it is necessary to use to reinstall a later of iTunes but it's what i use to clean up a bit

    if you choose not to use it go to step 4 if you choose to use it open it click registry then analyze and let it do it's thing when it is done click make backup then fix all changes I will not be responsible for any damage this program does like i said i have used it for years with no problem so remember you may and more than likely don't have to use it i do

    4 . now go to start/my computer /c drive/programes delete the iTunes folder if you can't delete the whole folder open and delete 1 at a time if you get error that a file can't be delete make sure you have stopped the iTunehelper from starting in the msconfig/start up

    5.empty recycle bin only because now we are going to go to start/search click all files and key word iTunes click search once search is done delete individually everything iTunes
    if you have a problem deleting a file don't worry once we are done we are going to restart and search again if you have decided to us he ccleaner you can run it again now

    6. restart run search again for iTunes just to make sure we got everything that may have been left behind from the 7.6 update if all clear try to install you earlier version of itunes

    let me know if this works for you as i have stated i used the ccleaner to correct any
    missing shard ddls
    unused file extensions
    active and class issues
    application paths
    help files
    obsolete software

    Not sure if it help just run it out of habit when ever i delete stuff
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    Thanks for the guide does anyone have a process for a mac?
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    Excellent, thanks.
    I'd just add that if you have music on your iTunes, you'll also have to delete the iTunes Library folder (located in My Documents\My Music by default).
    Otherwise you'll get an error message saying that it "can't read iTunes Library.itl" since it was created with another version of iTunes.
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    just use ur old ipod cd
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    2G iPod touch
    Nice guide

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