how to recreate your itunes library

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    hey, i have noticed alot of people posting "my pc crashed and my music is gone how do i get it back?" etc, so this has also happened to me on multiple occasions but luckily i found 2 solutions and i will show you them today.
    okay the first one is copytrans this is a preety basic program that backs up your music but can also fix internal bugs of your ipod it can be found here: ok so a little bit about this this program runs very smoothly and has a very easy to use interface the downside is it isnt free you can backup 100 songs then you have to pay.
    the next program is podtopc/podtomac, this program is my favourite out of the both its very basic and backs up your songs extremely fast plus its free: it can also be used for macs just check the download section so thats it if you need to back up your songs or restore them back on to itunes just use these programs.

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