How to Quickly Activate an iPhone 3G[s]

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    Some of you that got one of these bad boys today, like me, may be faced with waiting a possible 48 hours before you are guaranteed activation.

    This is how you can get your iPhone activated without waiting.

    Call 800-331-0500

    Dial 0 and then 0 again

    Ask the customer rep nicely to activate you.

    Give them your SIM Card # and IMEI. To find this quickly, go to "Settings" on your iPhone, click on "General," then "About." The "ICCID" is your SIM card and the one above that, IMEI is the other number they need.

    They will ask you to shut down your phone, wait 30 seconds and turn it on.

    When the phone turns back on, you should be activated.

    LAST item is to make sure your voicemail works. Just call your number, with area code and leave yourself a voice. It will then prompt you a minute later to enter your voicemail password and then your voicemail should work.

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