How to pass game saves back and forth between gpSPhone and VisualBoyAdvance

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    I finally got this working earlier. Not sure if anyone has made a tutorial for this yet, so here goes.

    How to pass saved games back and forth between gpSPhone and VisualBoyAdvance.

    The gpSPhone .sav file will keep updating with new save game info as long as it was the file generated on the gpSPhone emulator originally. But apparently there is a compatibility problem with updating the .sav file after I had updated it on my PC using VBA emulator, then copied it back to the iPhone to use with gpSP (checked permissions, that wasn't it).

    The solution is this:

    First things first - make a backup copy of your .sav file on the iPhone/iPod before doing anything else, just to be safe.

    Step 1: Option A - you started your game on gpSPhone:
    Copy your .sav file from the /private/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GBA folder on your iP (iPod touch/iPhone) to your ROM directory on your PC and update it with new save game data from playing on VBA, then load the .sav file back onto your iP device from your PC, deleting the old .sav in the process.

    Step 1: Option B - you started your game on VBA:
    If you originally started playing the game on your PC and want to move it over to your iP, just copy over the .sav file.

    2. Once the .sav is transferred from your PC to your iP, start the game, NOT from your last .svs save state (if you have any), but as if you were starting the game for the first time from the 'browse' menu. It will load the .sav file, so you can continue your game from the last in-game save point you made playing on your PC.

    3. Next, create a new .svs save state through the gpSP menu, load it to make sure it works, then exit the app.

    4. Now SSH into your phone with winSCP (or other SSH app) and delete the .sav file from /private/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GBA

    5. Close the SSH connection, disconnect iP from your PC, and launch gpSP again.

    6. Start your game from your latest .svs save state under 'saves'.

    7. Do an in-game save. This will create a new .sav file with the current save game info which will continue to update on gpSP as you play the game and make more in-game saves.

    8. Repeat the process as many times as you have to in order to get through all the parts that are too hard to pass using the touch screen controls.

    So far I have only tested this on a Win XP Pro PC using gpSPhone 4.0.0. and VisualBoyAdvance 1.8.0-beta 3, and with the game Metroid Fusion. If anyone is on a Mac, or using some other game with in-game saving, please try it and post a reply to confirm this works with whatever emulator/version, Mac OS version, and game you are using.

    Game on!
    P.S. If anyone is interested, I ripped all the original NES Metroid sound effects from the game. I have them available as raw wav files, and I made a sound theme for winterboard on jailbroken iPhones. You can grab the files from my website at:
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    ima try this

    but i tried the whole ssh the .sav and .gba files for pokemon fire red doing the whole in game saves thing. well when i go to do the in game save in fire red on vba it doesnt overwrite the old one from gpsphone. and when i try exporting it i cant find the file like it doesnt save in any folder. help??

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