How to make your own extreme noise-canceling headphones for ~20$!

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    HOW-TO: Extreme Noise Canceling Headphones!

    Things you'll need:
    A pair of old headphones you don't use
    Earmuffs (like the kind you use at the shooting range)

    This is really easy and will cost you around 20$ and will block out more noise than your Sennheiser headphones!

    Get out your earmuffs. I will be using these: Howard Leight Ultra Lightweight Compact Folding Earmuffs And as you can see, they can fold to an extremely small size, perfect for taking on an airplane and blocking out the noise from those annoying crying babies in the the back of your seat and those extremely loud phone-talkers next to you.

    Get out your old headphones that you don't need anymore. Take off the speaker enclosure (the little black soft thing that goes onto your ears). The wires should be connected to it. They will come off easily.

    Take off the foam ear cushions on your noise-canceling earmuffs, it should pop right off.

    Now, simply put the speaker enclosures from your old headphones in the middle of where the foam cushions were and hold them there. Put the foam cushions over the enclosures to hold them in place. They snap back in place.

    And now, you have your 20$ extreme noise-canceling headphones that can fold into a super small size! Congratulations!

    Wasn't that easy?
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    here a video that more clearly explains the process.
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    that isn't noise canceling, it's noise suppression. Canceling involves taking the sounds from outside the 'phones and reversing the frequency of it to cancel out the noise.

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