How to make a cydia repo!(Mac Only)

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    Install Fink

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    Download DS_Store Cleaner

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    Create a folder on your desktop called MyProgram. Inside create a Applications folder and a DEBIAN folder.
    Note: If you would like to install a theme you would make a Library folder in the MyProgram folder then inside that folder make a folder titled Themes and put the theme in this folder and do everything else the same.

    Now place your application into the Applications folder.

    Go to the Applications folder on your Mac, and launch the program TextEdit and convert it to plain text.

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    Maintainer: You.
    Name: Name of package.
    Package: Bundle identifier.
    Section: Where in Cydia it wil appear.
    Version: Package version.
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
    Description: Information about package.
    Sponsor: You. (Make sure to press return after this line. There must be a blank line under this entry!)

    Edit the text to mach your info.

    Save this file as "control" in the DEBIAN folder and uncheck add .txt if it is checked.

    Now open DS_Store Cleaner and drag the folder on the app. It will tell you that it deleted DS_Store files.

    Open terminal and type cd /Users/your username/Desktop
    and then type dpkg-deb -b MyProgram

    Now you will have a MyProgram.deb file on your desktop.

    Now open TextEdit again and make it plain text

    edit only the things that are bold

    Origin: Name of your repository.
    Label: What the user will see to go to your repository. This can be the same as Origin.
    Suite: stable
    Version: 1.0
    Codename: stable
    Architectures: darwin-arm
    Components: main
    Description: Description of your repository.

    Then save this as Release on your desktop.

    Create a folder on your desktop titled cydiarepo. Then in the folder make a debs folder.

    Then open terminal back up and type cd /Users/your username/Dekstop (or use the same terminal window if it is still open)

    then copy and past this command dpkg-scanpackages -m . /dev/null -->Packages

    then type gzip -f Packages in the same terminal window. Extract the Packages file from the .gz

    Drag Packages, Packages.gz and Release into the cydiarepo folder

    Now drag the MyProgram.deb to the debs folder and rename the file to whatever you wan.t EX) test.deb

    Now download MD5 from apple.

    Then get the MD5 of the .deb

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    (the picture is not mine, it was taken from hack that phone)

    Keep MD5 open because you will need it in a minute.

    Then open Packages and edit this text

    MD5Sum: Paste the MD5 checksum here.
    Maintainer: Who maintains the package
    Description: Description of package
    Package: Bundle Identifier
    Section: Section it shows up in
    Author: Who made the app
    Filename: directory where the deb can be found
    Version: Version of Package
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
    Size: Unix Size (Right click on the .deb file and select Get Info. Go to the line that says Size and enter the numbers in parenthesis. Remove the commas.)
    Homepage: URL for More Info
    Name: Name of package

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    (picture taken from hack that phone)

    Then in terminal type cd cydiarepo. Then type gzip -f Packages. Again extract the file.

    When you add a new deb to the repo you have to edit the Packages and copy the text from before and edit it for the new packages.

    Your Done! That wasnt so hard

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    If you have any problems dont hesitate to send me a PM i will help you with what ever you need
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    1. When i download DS_Store_Cleaner, it is a .tar, extracts to .tar.cgzp, than loops

    2. i cant make a .deb file... for some reason

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