[HOW TO] How to view your iPhone/iPod Touch via VNC on Ubuntu

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    This is a very handy technique. To do this, you will need the following from cydia.

    (sudo apt-get install Veency)

    Once installed, there is an sbsettings add-on to turn this VNC server on/off.

    Right to it..
    On Ubuntu, install tsclient. (This is my preferred VNC client, although there are many.)
    In terminal, type the following command to install..
    sudo apt-get install tsclient
    Then type your password.
    Once installed, type the following in terminal..

    This should appear..

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    Type in your local IP where "" is. Make sure the username is "root" and your password is the root password of your iDevice (by default, the password is "alpine").
    Click "Connect"
    A pop-up will pop-up on your iDevice, click "Accept".

    You're finished now. Enjoy!

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