[HOW TO] Get photos off of ipod after using "Capture"

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    How to get photos off your ipod touch and onto your computer after using "capture"
    (This is if you do not get a new folder in my pictures!)
    This will also show you how to get them onto ifans.com

    You may see photos from peoples reviews showing ipod touch screen shots. The application most of then use is called "capture" and it is free from installer on firmware versions 1.1.x. Here is how to do it.

    *Warning* I am no responisble for anything that happens to your ipod touch!

    Follow these steps after you have downloaded "capture." Make sure you go to photos on your ipod touch and see if you have a "Camera roll" section. This is where your photos are stored and it is essential. If you do not have the camera roll then add this source in installer and then download the camera roll fix from the . Here is the source.


    Now we can actually begin.

    1. Take your screenshots and whatever you need using the capture icon and then go to photos and make sure you have the photos and they are to your liking.

    2. You will want to plug in your ipod and ssh into it using winscp (others like filezilla will work but for this tutorial i am using winscp). (if you do not know how to SSH then look at the ssh tutorial)

    3. After you are logged in you are going to want to go to the following directory.


    You will see files named IMG_0001 Etc...These are the photos you took. Right click the photos and click copy and send them to a directory on your computer like "desktop" or "My documents."

    4. After all of your photos are transferred you are going to go to here and create an account if you do not have one yet (its free) and then you will go to upload and upload the photos you want to.

    5. After you upload them save them and then you will see them all on the main page. To get them onto the forum you will want to copy the IMG Code and then you paste it in one of your posts and you will now have your screenshots and you can do this with other images as well.

    To show this works here is a Mass Effect theme i quickly put together and a battery i downloaded...

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    Please Register or Log in to view images

    If you need any help dont be afraid to ask!
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