How to get Emulators for GpSPhone on your ipod touch/iphone no computer(firmware 3.0)

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    Hi guys
    now i know there are already threads on this, but all of them are using MobileFinder, which dosnt work with firmware 3.0
    (NOTE: this will NOT work on firmware 3.1.1 or 3.1.2)
    anyway, ill stop blabbing

    1. go to cydia
    2. go to "search" on the bottom toolbar and search for "iShare"
    3. download and install
    4. once its installed go back to search on the toolbar and search "IFile"
    5. download and install(it dosnt matter that you have to pay for it, most of the stuff works without registering)
    6.go out of cydia
    7. click on iShare on your springboard (you have to register, i know, its annoying as -.-)
    8. after youve registered click on login and once youve logged in click "download"
    9. enter the code at the end of the URL for the game you want (i cant post links here, sorry, but google will easily tell you)
    10. then click "Next" and choose the directory to save your file (take careful note of the directory you save it in, if your ipod is anything like mine its full of junk)
    11. go back to home after that download has completed, and click "iFile"
    12.locate the .gba file you downloaded in its directory
    13. click "edit" then click the "move" button on the bottom right of the lower toolbar
    14. click copy/link
    15. then go back to main directory, click "var", then click "mobile", and then click "Media", and then "ROMs", then "GBA"
    16. click "Edit" then the "Move" button on the bottom right corner of toolbar
    17. then click "Paste"
    18. the ROM should show up when you click on your GpSPhone app

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    lol, thanks for putting up with me
    happy gaming!

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