[HOW TO]Get around iTunes deleting imported music.

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    Now with the release of iSlsk, you can finally download music to your iPhone or iPod Touch, but what's this? iTunes deletes songs that aren't in your music library. I've found a way around it. Some of you might know this, but I'm sharing with the people who don't.

    1) Search and download your song.
    2) Exit to springboard.
    3) Open MobileFinder
    4) Go into Media
    5) Go into Downloads
    6) Change the name of your song to (Song Title) - (Artist).mp3
    7) Use your SSH program, and for 1.1.4 at least, go into var/mobile/Media/Download and your song should be in there.
    8) Copy it to your desktop.
    9) Delete the other one on your iPod in iSlsk if you want to.
    10) Put it into iTunes or something.

    [NOTE] Steps 3-6 aren't absolutely necessary since you can just rename them after you SSH them out.

    Hope I helped. Happy downloading.

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