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    [FONT=&quot]Hi, a lot of work has gone into this document. i hope you will appreciate what i've written and it will help a lot of people. If you know anything else i could mention, please tell me and i will add it to the list. no flaming please, for any reason, and good luck fixing your iPod Touch![/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Note!: if you can't find the answer to your question in the good section, please read everything else. Often more solutions are possible but I don't want to constantly repeat myself.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Cheers, Winterboard[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]I - Any Common errors:[/FONT]​

    1 - the 6 R’s
    • recharge your iPod
    -Use a high-power USB port such as the one on your computer, or use your iPod AC adapter (sold separately).

    -Don't use the USB port on your keyboard because it is a low-power port and iPod touch will not charge.
    • Restart
    Try restarting your iPod touch. To turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off the iPod touch. To turn the iPod touch on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
    • Reset/Reboot
    [FONT=&quot]To reboot and reset your iPod touch, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]You wont lose any files.[/FONT]
    • Remove content
    If the iPod touch is not working as expected, it may be due to some of the content synced to it. Try selectively removing certain content that may be causing unexpected behaviour such as songs, contacts, calendars, photos, videos, or podcasts. To remove content, connect iPod touch via USB and use iTunes to change the sync settings. Click on iPod touch in the Source list, and select each tab to change what content is synced and click “apply”.
    • Reset settings
    [FONT=&quot]Tap settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. No media will be erased but the icon order on the springboard will be changed and all your settings (even game high scores) will be gone.[/FONT]
    If that does not resolve your issue, try erasing all settings:
    Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings.

    Note: This will delete all media and data. All settings will be reset as well.
    • Restore
    You can consider this as your final resort. It basically does the same as “reset all settings and erase contents” but it also renews all files and removes errors!
    To restore: Connect iPod touch. When it appears in the Source list, click on Restore in the Summary tab.

    2 - Other common solutions

    - change the USB port and make sure it's USB 2.0
    - reinstall iTunes/Update iTunes
    - Change from computer (just to restore)

    3 - you have got the spinning wheel of death, constant rebooting or any other common problem.

    First try to SSH into your ipod. If you can delete the last application you installed or runned before the "brick" occured. Go to /Applications and delete the folder called [nameof app].app. This could also occur when you use a custom icon that is too large! If You just applied a theme or added a icon yourself, tr to remove it. If this doesn't work try to replace your n45ap.plist with a good one. If that still doesnt work or you can't SSH in try this:
    Go into ziphone/iliberty+ and click on restore mode. Then restore in itunes. If that doesn’t work use he DFU mode button, when you are in dfu mode you can’t come back to normal state. Once in DFU mode restore.

    4 - The ipod isn't recongnised by the PC or MAC or other problems:

    First of all, reboot your PC. If that doesn’t work, reinstall iTunes. Try using another USB port or even another PC/MAC. Finally, reinstall iTunes.
    NOTE: use an USB 2.0 port.

    5 - You can’t get in DFU/Restore mode mode with PC/MAC software?

    try putting your device into DFU mode manually:

    1. Connect iphone/ipod to your USB port, then listen to the sound when it connect and disconnect.
    2. Hold the 2 buttons until hear disconnect sound then release power button.
    3. Wait until you hear the USB connect sound then release home button.
    (I don’t know if this works for macs)

    For recovery mode:
    Try hold home/power button, the ipod will reboot. Release power button when you see the apple logo but hold the home button. If this doesn’t work try restarting all Apple Mobile Services.

    [FONT=&quot]II - Common jailbreak problems[/FONT]

    1 - does't jailbreak my iPod!

    Ok so you can’t jailbreak the iPod with That probably because you are not on firmware 1.1.1. Yes this is only for firmware 1.1.1.
    If you want to jailbreak 1.1.4, get Ziphone or iLiberty+. Pwnage is also good but not if you are a beginner and don’t want to take risks.

    2 - Some applications don’t work for me

    Well this is normal since apple made some modifications to the device between 1.1.1-1.1.2 and 1.1.3-1.1.4. Don’t worry because the applications that don’t work are usually bad or very old. Just ignore them or look for other apps that that serve the same purpose.

    3 - How to downgrade

    I don’t know why you would want to downgrade, just use the latest jailbreakable version....
    Well if you really want to. Just go into iliberty+ or ziphone and enter DFU mode, then do a Shift-click/cmd-click on the restore button in itunes and restore to any older firmware.

    [FONT=&quot]III - Ziphone and iLiberty[/FONT]

    1 - Ever heard of “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0”?

    Yes of course you did. As an iPod touch jailbreaker you have tried all kind of things to make to your iPod work with Ziphone!

    Don’t panic yet.

    Hold to home and sleep switch simultaneously until the iPod turns off (about 6 seconds). Now keep holding the two buttons until the iPod reboots. Then quickly release the power/sleep button but keep holding the home button. You should see appearing the apple logo followed by the iTunes icon and your iPod cable. Now you are in restore mode! Exciting isn’t it.
    Now just go into normal mode using ziphone/iliberty+

    2 - Spamming AT, waiting for response

    If you get this error this means you tried jailbreaking your iPod with a version of ziphone that was for iPhone. There is an easy fix for this. Download the latest Ziphone and go to advanced features. Now click on fix NVRAM. Now you can just jailbreak your ipod again.
    If you can’t try using iliberty+ or pwnage.

    3 - Freezing and youtube problems.

    I see a lot of posts about the freezing problem.
    First of all if you encounter this problem:
    -Name your ipod after restore (example: Christopher’s iPod)
    -Sync some songs... not all of them , just 5 to 10.
    -Jailbreak your ipod
    -Go into your Contacts application
    -Make a new contact and keep tapping very quickly on your keyboard, just keep on writing nonsense.
    -Don’t click the homebutton. Click on cancel first!
    -Now go test in installer and youtube!

    IV - Pwnage/Winpwn

    1 - Error 6

    Go into ziphone/iliberty+ and enter Normal mode in advanced features

    2 - My iPod got bricked!

    - Make sure your "dead" iPhone is fully charged. (Give it an hour or two as there will be no notification of the battery charging).

    - Connect the iPhone to a laptop or PC.

    - Hold the sleep/wake and home buttons together for about 6 seconds.

    - Release the sleep/wake button and still keep the home button pressed until iTunes detects it in Recovery Mode.

    - Press restore in iTunes.

    Your iPhone will then be recovered and work again!
    You may need to attempt to get the buttons pressed at the right times severally as you may not be able to do it the first time round.

    If this method does not work, try putting it into DFU mode using ziphone/iliberty+ and then restore
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    V - Extreme problems could be solved by extreme measures!

    So nothing above helped?

    1 - Use you SSH access to fix problems

    SSH is a great way of fixing your ipod. If you have a friend with an ipod near you, copy the files you think are broken off his ipod and replace yours with the new ones.

    You could also simply try to remove the folder of the last app you executed or installed, this often works.

    2 - DFU, DU, DFU…

    You can put your device in dfu mode but can’t restore? To put in DFU mode I recommend using ziphone/iliberty+.
    Once your device is in DFU mode just clicks on the button again, and again… what happened to me is that my screen changed color… so you never know what could happen…

    3 - Experiment

    The best way of fixing your iPod IS TO EXPIRIMENT. Try ANYTHING to get it fixed. That’s, your last resort…

    VI- Some exceptional problems and their fixes

    1 - My music won’t play

    Tap settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings
    Or restore…
    2 - My iPod space bar is orange but I have no media!

    Go into iTunes and click on manual manage your iPod. Then delete all media onyour iPod manually by selecting the folders in the sidebar.

    3 - My icons are gone!

    They are most certain hidden or the apps have somehow been deleted. Check true SSH if your apps are still here. If they are install poof to unhide. If they are not hidden, hide them and then unhide them.

    4 - Any error message when restoring/in iTunes

    Update to the latest iTunes and retry restoring. If that doesn’t work try going into DFU mode using your jailbreak program. Else try restoring to 1.1.1 first.

    VII- Problems related to Applications

    1 - Kate/Caterpillar

    Kate, the former Catepillar, has a reputation for being an ipod bricker. Befor you install kate you have to know it's a trial and you must check "THIS" thread. also DON'T USE IT IF YOU USED WINPWN/PWNAGE on your ipod!

    So now the problems:
    - Your icon order is Mesed up: What you have to do it to remove/rename the file "/usr/local/bin/dock/dock".

    - To fix any other problem try this:
    you need to ssh and delete EVERY RIP/kate/catapillar file you can find..they were located in:

    If that doesn't work restore...

    2 - Installer

    -Package download failed: Timed Out!: Check your internet connection, put autolock to never. retry. it could also be a problem with the remote repo so try another package. You could also try to reinstall installer.

    - Main excecution error: install bosstools and click on free space, then on move fonts. If you see that Installer downloads the package and that the error comes after that, there is something wrong with the repo. you won't be able to fix it.
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    for further updates
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    wooooow man this is great! I've never seen such a good tutorial. No matter what the subject is.

    Since I'm a noob I will probably need it soon :p

    + rep man for your great work and keep the updates coming.

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    ya sticky i do not need this but it will help out +rep
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    txs mate, I really hope my thread will be known. I spent like 4 hours on writing this! Maybe more!
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    Required reading, this should (but won't) cut the new threads started in half! Nice and clear.
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    Thanks man! It helped me a lot the other day in trying to find a way!
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    txs so muxh to you all
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