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    For some people who are like me where their iTunes has magically stopped working. (This was so fustrating for me) Here are some simply directions on how to fix it.

    Method 1

    1) Uninstall iTunes.
    2) Go to your C:\Program Files and delete the iTunes folder.
    2) Go to to download the newest version of iTunes.
    3) Install it.

    If that doesn't work, try this method

    Method 2

    1) Go to your My Music folder.
    2) Take out all your music from the C:\Documents and Settings\*User Name*\My Documents\MyMusic\iTunes
    3) Delete your iTunes folder located in the My Music folder.
    4) Reinstall your iTunes or run itunes if you didnt uninstall it yet.

    That should work. I have encountered this problem many times. The reason I get the problem is I have been trying to mod the iPod games. I noticed when I try to put the modded games back into the iTunes folder itunes crashes. I think if I deleted the game iTunes runs again. So if you tried to mod the games and your iTunes crashes then just delete the modded file.

    I recommend trying the second method first so that you dont have to go through the hassle of re-downloading itune and installing it.

    Hope this works for who ever has this problem.

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