How to fix/disable Album Artwork

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    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Select all of your music (Ctrl+A).
    3. Right click anywhere, and select "Get Info".
    4. Click on the "Video" tab.
    5. In the "show" box, enter "1".
    6. Sync your iPod. All of your album artwork should now be blank.
    (Continue reading for fixing the artwork)
    7. After syncing, repeat steps 1-4.
    8. Erase the 1 in the "show" box (as in, make the box blank).
    9. Sync.

    NOTE: This is not a surefire fix. I'm fairly sure it will work, but I've only tried it on mine. Please leave feedback and if it works for everyone, I'll make another topic and ask for stickies.

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