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    Ok. Well I'm staying home from school today because I'm sick and I am getting bored so I thought I would make you all a simple tutorial.

    In this tutorial I will show you how to find your computers IP[WINDOWS] because some applications these days requires this address.
    Also I will be showing you how to find the IP of your Ipod Touch.

    ~~~~IP ON PC~~~~

    1. Start by clicking the START button on the bottom left corner of the screen
    2. Next we are going to click the 'RUN' button off to the right column
    3. A window will pop up and when it does type in 'cmd' with out the [' ']
    4. Next command prompt will pop up
    5. In prompt type in ' ipconfig /all '
    6. Now a list will show up with abunch of looking stuff will show up. The one your looking for is called 'IP Address' Your ip address will be to the right of that. ex: IP Address........... 168.503.0.102
    ~~~It's That Simple!!~~~

    ~~~~IP ON IPOT~~~~

    1. Start by clicking 'Settings' icon somewhere on the main screen
    2. Go to the very top where it says 'Wi-Fi'
    3. Click it
    4. Wait for the wifi list to load
    5. Find the wifi network that you are connected to and click the little Blue circle with a little white arrow pointing right
    6. Click it
    7. Now a new screen will show
    8. Make sure it's set to 'DHCP' tab and not 'BootP' or 'Static'
    9. Scroll down and you should see where it says IP Address and to the right will be your ip
    EX: IP Address

    And thats the info that some apps ask for suck as the new Touch Pad application
    so if you ever need to use an IP referrer to this tutorial.

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