How to enable Multitasking and Background Wallpapers on iPod Touch & iPhone!

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    Hey guys!
    I am going to show you how to enable Multitasking and Wallpapers without using a SSH Client!

    All you need is a jailbroken iPod or iPhone and Cydia and you need internet connection(WiFi,3G).You need to have installed iOS 4 on your device in order for this to work.

    First of all, This is for people with 8GB iPod Touches or a iPhone 3G.I have not tested this on a device without the 4.0 Firmware, but I am going to and I will update this as soon as possible.

    Okay so lets get started!

    First of all, Go to Cydia on your iPod or iPhone.

    Now after the Data is done loading, go to the "Search" tab at the bottom.

    Now search,"WinterBoard".

    Now find the application called "WinterBoard" from Cydia/Telesphoreo.

    Once you find it, tap on it and tap the "Install" button on the top right.A new page should pop up telling you how much memory it will take up, tap the "Install" button on the top right again.

    After it is done installing, return to Cydia and go to the Search tab again and search,"Features".

    Two applications should show up, Features (for iPhone 3G) and Features (for iPod 2G).

    Now choose the one depending on your device, since I have a 8GB iPod Touch MC Model, I will choose Features (for iPod 2G).

    After you choose your application, install it like we installed WinterBoard earlier.

    After you are done installing, go to your Home screen and look for the application called "WinterBoard".

    Launch WinterBoard and tap on "Select Themes".

    Now go down the list and look for Wallpaper,Multitasking and tap on it.

    Now it should have a check mark next to it, now exit WinterBoard and your device will Respring.


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    To use Multitasking, double tap the Home button, for home screen wallpapers, go to Settings, Wallpaper, and select a wallpaper, then press Set, and choose Set Home Screen.

    Thank you and please post if you have any problems

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