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    Many people download songs and make thier own beats on ttr. But nothing shows up on downlaoded. I will give a step by step way to get your own songs under downloaded.

    1. First download "Finder" under installer.

    2. Click on the "~" on the top right of the installer after you open it.

    3. Press "Media"

    4. Go down to "itunes_Control"

    5. Press "music" you should see random things like "F00" just pick one.
    after u press "F00" make sure all the files inside has ".mp3" at the end
    if not it should have ".m4v" dont use the file and goto the next one.

    6. After you pick one pick the first ".mp3" under your file
    press "file" then "copy"

    7. Then get out and go down to "TTR"

    8. Put it under "music"

    9. YOur done!

    NOTE: you wont know the song until you play it under downlaoded.
    After your done puting it in press downloaded and create the beat.
    you should have it and you can play i anywhere

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