How to downgrade your iphone from 2.0 to 1.1.4

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    [GUIDE]How to downgrade your iphone from 2.0 to 1.1.4

    This haunted me for a while so I thought I would make this guide to help others in downgrading their iPhone from 2.0 to 1.1.4.

    When you (like me) tried to upgrade your iPhone to 2.0, the upgrade also upgraded the iPhones base band. That is why you are getting (will get) error 1510 (1015?) during restore. No amount of restoring will correct this. So, what you need to do is downgrade your base band as well. And the software that will help you do this is KiPhone.

    Flashing your base band is considered very dangerous. Any interruptions in the process can cause a brick. Please proceed at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your iPhone.

    You will need iTunes 7.5

    If you are getting an error that says: iTunes Library.itl was created by a newer iTunes do the following:

    Go to:
    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\My Music\Itunes

    VISTA: C:\Users\USERNAME\Music\iTunes

    Then RENAME iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library old.itl.

    This is temporary while you install 7.5. If you upgrade back to 7.7, simply delete (or rename the 7.5) iTunes Library.itl and restore the 7.7 file you renamed to iTunes Library old.itl.

    First, put iPhone into DFU mode: With your iPhone connected to iTunes, hold down the sleep button (top button) and the home button until your iPhone shuts off. As soon as it shuts off, hold the sleep button for ONE SECOND and release while STILL holding the home button. After a few seconds, XP will say it has discovered an iPhone in DFU mode and the restore screen will appear in iTunes, but your iPhone screen will remain BLACK.

    Attempt a restore to 1.1.4 until you get the 1510 (1015?) error: in iTunes hold shift and click on restore and then browse to your iPHONE 1.1.4 restore file.

    Once you get the error your iPhone will be left in recovery mode. Click OK to the error in iTunes.

    Then use iLiberty+ or ZiPhone to kick the phone out of recovery mode: Open iLiberty and click on the more tools tab and then select the JUMP OUT OF RECOVERY button. If your using ZiPhone, go to advanced and then select RECOVERY MODE under the change phone modes menu.

    Once out of recovery mode, you WILL be on 1.1.4.

    Then use iLiberty+ or ZiPhone to jailbreak. Or better yet, WinPWN. At this point if you choose to activate/unlock, you will have no signal.

    Open the KiPhone software and make sure you check downgrade base band and debug boot. Hit start and you should see a bunch of white lines scrolling on your iPhone. It takes about 5 minutes. (without jailbreaking first, you will not see these lines)

    Once your baseband has been downgraded, go ahead and put the phone back into restore mode and do a full restore to 1.1.4 and your iPhone will complete without any errors.

    Jailbreak as normal and then be sure to reset all your settings in the iPhone in order to get a signal.

    Oh, and make sure you are using an IPHONE restore file and not an iPod's.

    I hope this helps

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