[how to] create jiggy applications without a computer

Discussion in 'Jiggy Runtime Development' started by tylobedo, May 25, 2008.

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    ok so yesterday I was creating an app, however I had to leave to go to work. Since I had a 30 min bus ride head I was thinking of how nice it would be to be able to do this on the road. After messing around for a few hours I finally figured out how

    Note I recomend u add atleast one space beetween codes because it gets difficult to tell what is what

    0. before getting started you will need a few things
    Jiggy runtime
    Filebrowse ( a bet mobilesinder) download from repo.ispazio.com
    A few blank jiggy apps to code ( I will upload some blank ones to a repo later)

    1. ok so after getting everything installed launch filebrowser

    2. in filebrowse navigate you way to VAR/mobile/library/mobilefinder/applications

    3.next find your blank app ( or even a app u have worked on)

    4. In your blank app your will see a few things
    to add coding click tools ( bottom corner) then click edit text. Next click on main.js
    to edit the name verison ECT open info.plist

    5. If you want a new icon, find your icon u want then copy and paste it into your app and rename it icon.png and have it save over the other icon

    6. To add more js files just it create and select file

    I hope this guide helps. Sorry for bad spelling I am on my iPod .

    I will try and upload pictures later

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