[How To]: Create Cydia Repo & packages

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    How do you create Cydia Repo - its not simple but not too hard either.

    There have been many times when it has been said - it is impossible to create Cydia Repo.
    well its not - tough what i ve found is folks do not like to give info out for some reason? isn't it better for the community if more info is out there.? so here we go guys... if you have any info that can make this easier kindly post it here.

    Note: You need to be on a Mac or linux machine

    On Mac you will need to install Fink otherwise commands will not run.

    Download the Pre Made repo - Template from .HTiF here

    I have also attatched the Premade repo Here!
    i apologize can't post an external link from where i am.

    1. unzip the entire folder on your desktop
    you will have 3 folders inside.

    1. Now take the cydia folder and open it up.
    look inside Cydia Folder cydia/apt/Release - open Release file-with text Edit & change everything in Red to your desire.

    Origin: HTiF
    Label: HTiF
    Suite: stable
    Version: 1.0
    Codename: HTiF
    Architectures: iphoneos-arm
    Components: main
    Description: Put a cool discription here
    Icon: http://www.example.com/files/ihtif_cydia_icon_grey.png

    I can not get this to show the icon! I don't know why! gr

    save this file. now upload the cydia folder to your site's root
    Example - Public_html/cydia

    Now what we need to do is create packages this is bit tricky.

    3.So lets create a package
    Now open the folder named [extract to desktop and find the 3 Files and 1 folder listed below inside this folder - Drag all 4 to your Desktop.


    do not rename any of them leave them as is.

    Folder structure needs to be just like its on your phone. only thing we will add is the DEBIAN folder with control file inside[this file has all the details about the package and is very important.

    Lets create a packe on your desktop.
    I have attatched a theme template use that one.
    for example to create a package with a theme its going to be like.

    Keep the Theme Folder open do not close it again and again. only open it once.

    Open DEBIAN Folder and then Open Control with Text edit.
    Change everything in red to your desire.

    Package: com.example.igasssol [com.yoursite.themename]Name: iGlassSol
    Version: 2.1
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
    Description: Info about your package goes here.
    Homepage: http://www.example.com/Info/iglasssol.html [address of the webpage this is More info page]
    Maintainer: hackthatifone.com <whatever@gmail.com>
    Author: jesse <whatever@gmail.com>
    Section: Themes (SpringBoard)

    please refer to the attacted Theme template for better understanding of the folder structr..
    -[DEBIAN]<--[Control] | -[library] <--[Themes]<--[iGlassSol]<--[icons] dock.png walpaper.png [it will have watever folder the theme has]

    so the Above needs to be on your desktop!!! correctly the location names are case senstive otherwise the package will not install.

    [you can try creating a package with a winterboard theme or whatever you feel comfy with.]

    You should have a [iglasssol] or [whatever] you named you theme on your desktop.

    Now comes times to create this into deb package.

    Open terminal - Gain access to Desktop by following command.
    commands are bold.

    cd desktop - hit enter
    it will look like this

    jcs-macpro31:~ jc$ cd desktop

    Now type this command

    dpkg-deb -b iglasssol or dpkg-deb -b themeName hit enter

    You should get this output.
    warning, `iGlassSol/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Name'
    warning, `iGlassSol/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Homepage'
    warning, `iGlassSol/DEBIAN/control' contains user-defined field `Author'
    dpkg-deb: building package `net.ispazio.deeptheme' in `iGlassSol.deb'.
    dpkg-deb: ignoring 3 warnings about the control file(s)
    jcs-macpro31:desktop jc$

    [don't worry about ispazio thats jus whats in the already packed package]

    You will now have a new .deb file on your desktop, for example - iglasssol.deb

    : Drag .deb file into the deb folder on your desktop.

    Now go back to Terminal & copy this command in there

    ./dpkg-scanpackages -m . /dev/null >Packages hit enter

    output should be ...

    jcs-macpro31:desktop jc$ ./dpkg-scanpackages -m . /dev/null >Packages
    ** Packages in archive but missing from override file: **

    Wrote 1 entries to output Packages file.
    jcs-macpro31:desktop jc$

    Note: 1 Entery = 1 Package on your Source. !!

    ::Last step in this process is to zip it.

    Open Terminal and run command.
    bzip2 Packages hit enter

    output will be
    jcs-macpro31:desktop jc$ bzip2 Packages
    jcs-macpro31:desktop jc$

    : you will see packages.bz2 on your desktop.

    Now comes time to move your stuff to Cydia Folder on your Site

    FTP into your server

    Now take the packages.bz2 & put it in

    Cydia/apt/[here] Replace the existing one.

    & Your Done!!!!!!!

    Now Testing Time Wooooooo Hooooooo

    Launch Cydia and add your source

    : yousite.com/cydia/apt/
    For more info you can look at saurik's site http://www.saurik.com/id/7

    To add more packages - Repeat the Steps and drag the created .deb into the deb folder on your desktop.

    and You will create new packages.bz2 everytime you add a package.

    [deb folder]<--- has all the .deb packages you created.
    [packages.bz2]<--- New one everytime you add -remove a package.

    Good Luck mates!


    Note: You may get the .DS Error when you have more then 1 package to correct this error.

    you will have to use a Zip program on your mac or lunix machine.

    & open the package once only once - then remove the .DS files and repackage the folder.

    If you know a better way to resolve .ds error kindly elaborate.

    Credits : jesse.c of .HTiF & our partner .ispazio for the files.
    if you use it -

    all i ask is you link back to my site HTiF & .ispazio

    Mods if this is not a good Spot for this Kindly move it - Many Thanks ​

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    nice guide, should be a sticky...

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    you really worked hard for this. nice job.
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    Thanks for manual! I want to create one and i did it but i can't get its look so pretty and informative like for example bigboss repository. I cannot get buttons like "More informations" or "Screenshots" in package info. Can u help me?
    Thanks a lot!
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    Anyone ever figure out how to get the icon to work? I noticed that most repos list their icons as
    Icon: file:///Applications/PdaNet.app/icon.png

    Where that directs to the app's icon that is installed.
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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    thanks for this tutorial
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    I shall make mine!!! No actally too lazy. But nice guide
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    I've got a problem making my repo:
    when i run './dpkg-scanpackages -m . /dev/null >Packages' all my 'Depiction:' string from .deb files aren't inclued in Packages..
    can anyone help me?
  8. SumDaii

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    iPod touch
    wow, quite easy to follow...

    nice job

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    Wow cool. Nice and simple guide, should be a sticky.

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  10. deth

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    i got an error "bash: ./dpkg-scanpackages: Permission denied"
    when i try to do "./dpkg-scanpackages -m ./dev/null >Packages"
    any suggestion?

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