how to change slider(s) for ipod touch 1.1.4 (windows only)

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    step one: download MODDED customize and modded customize fix from installer

    step two: find and download and intall winscp (please dont ask me where cuz i dont remeber, just google it)

    step three: download openSSH from installer

    step four: ssh into your ipod by opening winscp

    step five: fill in host name=ip adress, user name=root, password=alpine (case sensitve)
    *note it will take some time the first try DONT ABORT

    step six: go to library

    step seven: go to customize

    step eight: select the directory of the slider. lock slider=MainSliderImages, power slider=PowerSliderImages (for iphone the call slider=CallSliderImages

    *DO NOT MESS WITH THE BACKUP. it is your life line if you mess up

    step nine: find an image that you want
    *NOTE: you can have it any size but i reccomend close to the default size (71x47 pixels). MUST BE A .PNG FILE!

    step ten: create a new directory in the image folder you want, name it what ever you want to.

    step eleven: put image(s) in your newly made folder and exit winscp

    step twelve: go to customize on your ipod and find the slider you wish to change

    step thirteen: select the image you inserted
    *note: if i dosent show up then customize is not working and you should restart your ipod and repeat step 12

    step fourteen: exit customize and try it out
    *NOTE: if it fails try again

    p.s. if this dosent work then go get a beer and think on it then retry

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