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Discussion in 'Customization Requests' started by cupra-r, Jun 14, 2010.

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    hi all i hope some1 can help me my freind sent me some files that he has made for changing the icons on the itouch eg youtube ,clock,app store etc i want to change them to the one`s he sent me they are the stone roses album covers yhey are all in .png but wen i open winscp and try to change them over nothing happens im new to all this but have done a bit of reaserch on google and youtube but to no availl please can some one help me and if you want the files for your own use im happy to send them to you all just pm me they look realli cool on his thnx

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    You have to make a theme. There are a few examples of how to make one on here. Here's one. You will be more interested in the Icons folder.

    That should answer your question. But make sure your icons are small enough, like less than 100x100. (BTW you have to be jailbroken, which I assume you are since you said you used winscp)

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