how to change bitrate on audio using LAME

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    i finally figured out that my 8gb ipod space is used up by only 800 songs because they are all 256kbps or higher. i want to free up space on it so how can i lower the bitrate without loosing noticable sound quality. after doing alot of googling, i found that the LAME encoder is supposedly the best but i cant figure out how to use it. i tried the LAME-itunes one (b/c its the only one that uses a gui that i could find) but i cant really use it since none of my music is on cd's and i cant select a folder to convert. maybe i'm wrong but arent the files i dragged to itunes already converted by itunes so it would be pointless to convert after i already put them on itunes? all i need is a basic but easy guide to convert the bitrate of all my songs using this LAME encoder. also what bitrate/file type can i use to save space yet still get good quality? thanks to anyone who can help.

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