How to boot iPod Touch 2G jailbroken...

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    Download BootHelper from http://[].com/files/192571658/boothelper.rar

    1.) Download Boothelper and extract it to your desktop.
    2.) Plug in your iPod (Close iTunes if it opens)
    3.) Go into the boothelper folder and run Boot.bat.
    4.) It will tell you how to put your ipod into DFU mode, so do it.
    5.) Your screen should be black and your computer shouldn't recognize it.
    6.) Hit enter and it will tell you to unplug and replug your iPod.
    7.) Your screen should be white.
    8.) Hit enter when it turns white.
    9.) Type in arm7_go [enter]
    arm7_stop [enter]
    CTRL+C and then N [enter]
    10.) Type go
    CTRL+C and then N [enter]
    Hit enter again.
    11.) Your iPod should boot and be detected by iTunes.

    Good Luck!
    -T.J. Harris

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