How To Become A Beta Tester

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    Hey There,
    In this tutorial I am going to show you how to become an iPod Touch and iPhone beta apps tester.

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    ... do you?

    1. Go to this website.
    2. On the top right click the "Register" button.
    3. Type in first your name, your last name, your email, your username, create a password, select your location and finally your Primary role. In Primary role, if you are a developer and you want people to test your apps - select developer, if you are a beta tester - Beta tester and you also have an option of "Both".

    4. Then you will receive a mail. Follow the link and activate your account.

    5. Log in. You are done!

    Now, if you go to "All Betas" you will see lots of apps made by people that want other people to test it.

    However, lots of them have no spaces for testers.

    When there is a space, take it and you can test the app

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    For each app, you may sometimes see a:

    - Description - Always
    - Supported Devices - Always
    - Tester Incentive - Sometimes

    If you want someone to test your app, you need to make sure that you selected that you are a developer in your profile, and then you can go to "Create New Beta".

    Isn't it nice trying out apps for free that actually didn't come out in the App Store yet?

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    To make this more known/popular, please share it with your friends, and also digg it. This will help get more beta testers to test the apps that we will see in the App Store

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    Have fun!
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