How to backup IPod Touch 8GB?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by roadster3043, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I have had my Ipod touch 8GB restored and jailbreaked several times, usually because a program I installed crashed it when on 1.1.3 firmware.

    Right now I have it on 1.1.1 firmware, with software installed, sources, etc.

    I've been searching around to see if there is a way to backup my ipod after a new jailbreak and after installing and customizing all the apps.

    For example, right now I have my ipod at 1.1.1 with all the games, apps and whatnot. I would like to make a backup on my PC of the apps, games, settings, etc., of the current ipod firmware, and be able to restore it on a 1.1.3 or 4 firmware. Is that possible?

    If not, can I make an entire backup or image of my ipod on my PC that I can restore everything(apps, games, settings, sources, etc.), after upgrading the firmware to 1.1.3 or 4, and that if the ipod crashes I can upload that image to the ipod and have everything as it was before it crashed, including jailbreaked and the last firmware I backed up on my PC?

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    I used Winscp for this, but TotalCommander with Tpot plugin does the job quicker.

    In Winscp logo in the keep hitting the up dir arrow until you find the absolute root then copy all files to your hard drive - this will then be basically an image of your entire Ipod file sytem - and if you reverse the process in theory you should get back to the postion you are in when you copy it - I say theory because I have not had reason to try copying any of the back ups back.

    In practice a quicker and easier system for me was to copy the following folders to my computer prior to any restore and re-jailbreak

    /Applications - this is all the applications of course, but when you copy them back after breaking remember not to copy the standard ipod apps (MobileSafari etc) or you will loose the benefit of the latest firmware versions you installed

    /var/root - Settings and preferences for apps still used to 1.1.1 and 1.1.2
    /var/mobile - Settings and preferences for apps designed for 1.1.4 - if you are going from 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 put the root data in here as well as in root to ensure all apps can pick it up.

    There are no doubt other better/more technical methods but this works for me and always puts me back in the same position I was before upgrading firmware.
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    Is that possible

    Is that possible to just copy everything to your desktop(hardrive) and then copy it back into winscp after restore or jailbreak?

    thanks and reply quickly

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