How to backup Applications?

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    Im not good choosing where to post
    but hope someone here can help me

    I need to Format My pc and then will use same Pc to synch my quickpwned Ipod touch again what do i need to do to backup?

    Last time i Formated I Backed up all music with Copytrans to a external HD
    then Backed up the ItunesDB file using total commander (it save you day if database goes bad then only alternative is to format ipod)
    I guess i also should backup "iTunes Library.itl"

    Then i formated my Pc and then found out all my music was still on ipod touch but many of the applications was removed by itunes

    So What to do now to correctly backup applications
    there are some applications i got from other place on internet so those I cannot re-download from itunes store

    Should i deauthorize the pc in Store/deauthorize Pc (Since itunes only let you use 5 pcs and last backup made me lose 1 of the 5)

    But if i Deauthorize PC would i then loose music on ipod touch
    (when i did not deauthorize pc formating then i didnt lost music)

    most important how do i get Itunes not to Remove applications after i have formated

    Course i can back up applications but i might get "you not authorized to use the applications on this ipod" but then again i probaly got this because i forgot to deauthorize the pc before formating.

    So to summ up
    I need A safe way to backup ipod touch applications and also prevent itunes from removing applications as soon i format my pc

    I belive the applications are in:
    C:\Users\pcnickname\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications ?

    As you can see i am a bit confused what to do
    I want to have the lessest problem after the format so no appliations and music i want to have removed from my touch and if it happen i want to have a easy way to restore it

    PS: Itunes is already set to manually synch music

    PS2: I dont want to rejailbreak or format my ipod touch
    and i want to avoid re-transfer all music and apps again
    i just want to plug in ipod touch on a freshly formated Pc without itunes start wiping my stuff i guess that is not too much to ask.

    I now read that maybe the reason for getting "Not authorized" when trying to re-synch some apps on a fresh formated pc could be i should sync a free apps from itunes store first and then insert a patched mobileinstallation and then sync
    But i forgot how to patch mobileinstaltion and where?
    but i think this is only if you format ipod not need to do if formating Pc ?

    please advice

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