how my ipod was reaplced with the 2g

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by berky93, Sep 12, 2008.

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    ok so I bought my touch about a year ago. it has since then been replaced 6 times with various errors and problems. I took it to the apple store and said this was enough, I just want to return it. the woman at the genius bar (I had an appointment) said it was against the rules, but that she could ask the manager. she brought the manager over and I told him my problems. He said there was a new ipod touch that would probably be better and less prone to breakage, and that because of my hassle he would upgrade it to the 32gb free (or maybe its because the cost of an old 16 gb is still enough to cover the new 32 gb)

    anyway this guy was really great, helpful and nice. he walked me through the problems I'd been having, and helped me try to figure out what would have caused them ( I didnt want to tell him that most were probably from my jailbreak I used to have) and then he repalced my ipod. the cool thing is HE was the one to suggest that they replace my ipod with an updated 32gb version, which is really cool, because although the employees are trained to simply follow the rules, being the manager he could actually "bend" the rules a little so that I could get actual help.

    now I am not suggesting you fake ipod breakage to get a new one or anything, in fact DONT do that. I'm just retelling the story of my time at the apple store, and how the niceness of the guy there led me to gain a new 32gb ipod touch gen 2.
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