How is the Sound Quality? (out of the headphone jack)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Apechit, Oct 1, 2010.

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    4G iPod touch
    I use Klipsch s4i' headphones because the stock ipod earbuds sound like garbage. The sound Quality of my 2nd generation ipod was okay but even my cheap $59 Sansa Fuze sounded much better using the same headphones.

    I heard that the SQ had improved with the 4.0 OS and was wondering how the SQ of the new Ipod is compared to the older models?
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    Im using Zune Premium headphones that ive had for like three years now. Even with using that from a 2gen and a third gen of course now my fourth gen ipod touch. Ive only notice a little differance when 4.0 came out. So Its not big of a change if you ask me. But who knows maybe im due for an upgrade on headphones lol.
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    hey dude..

    i have the fuze and had the 2nd 3rd and now 4th gens ipod touch and the ipod classic...

    the ipod touch 4 sound better slightly better than the 3rd and 2nd gens touch...much better than the classic...

    and with the fuze..the fuze has great sound quality for its price..but you cant say it is better... which says a very good thing about the touch(4th gen)

    with your s4i's you will enjoy it very girlfriend has those..

    if you want a more specific comparison of this daps i think u can find one on head-fi...those guys know better than me how to explain the diff in sound signatures..

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