How I think some SEGA games would work on iPhone

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    After playing Monkey Ball, Crash Nitro Kart and De Blob, I was thinking about how some console games could be translated to the iPhone or iPod Touch. Mainly, SEGA games in particular. How would these games handle with the iPhone's unique interface? Here are my suggestions.

    JET SET RADIO - (Played Vertically) (Actually rumoured to be in development.)

    Like the game "De Blob", you guide your skater through the city by either touch control, or tilting the screen slightly. When coming up to a marker spot, you use your fingers to copy the swipe controls that are displayed. You can also go into a "make your own graffiti" mode where you can either use a paint program, or you have your own graffiti font where you can write your name on the touch screen and it comes out in a cool graffiti design. You jump by merely tapping the screen, and attacking enemies is done with a swipe in any direction. If cops are piling on you, shake the screen to get rid of them.

    SAMBA DE AMIGO - (Played Horizontally or Vertically)

    Simple Enough. When the blue dots are about to hit the mark, you merely tap the screen at that mark. When a bunch of red dots are about to hit the mark, you shake the screen till they vanish. Giving a little variety to the game. Downloadable songs through iTunes.

    THE TAPPING OF THE DEAD - (Played Horizontally)

    The title is self-explanitory. Tap the screen to kill the zombies. Swipe to reload. Shake screen to get zombies off of you. 'Nuff said.

    CRAZY TAXI - (Played Horizontally)

    Like Crash Nitro Kart, tilt the screen left and right to steer. Gas is automatic, but there are two on screen buttons on the lower right side for brake/reverse and drive. Swiping both buttons while driving will send you into a drift stop. A quick shake of the screen will let your taxi jump.

    SONIC - (Played Vertically or Horizontally depending on what Sonic game it is)

    The good thing about Sonic is that he can be played in a variety of ways. Here are some of my ideas.

    "Wii STYLE" - Like SATSR, you have Sonic running forward. Tilt the screen left or right to steer him. Tap screen to jump or hold finger on screen, then let go for longer jump. Shake for hover attack.

    "CLASSIC 2-D" - Tilt the screen left or right to get Sonic moving in that direction. A gentle tilt will have him move slowly while a longer tilt will have him running fast. This will help give Sonic analog movement in a 2-D game. (That would be a first.) Tap to jump (of course). For dash spin, hold a finger down on left side of screen, and quickly tap on right side with other finger. Then, let go of left side, and he's off!! Also, imagine Sonic 1 or 2 bonus stages with tilt control. Sweet!

    "PINBALL SONIC" - Tap left or right side for bumpers. Tilt screen to give Sonic a nudge in a certain direction. Give the screen a quick shake to make him hop towards what direction you're tilting.

    Well, there you go Sega. I just made your job easier for you. Now, GO MAKE THOSE GAMES!!
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    I love crazy taxi so simple yet so fun would be amazing
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    Jan 17, 2008
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    You know what, I had those ideas in mind too.

    Game companies should think outside the box when porting or making console like game son the Touch interface. I still see D pads built into the screen, which frankly is very awkward. A little creativity would make things workable, like those ideas that you just posted here.

    Games are not required to have 100% a Dpad, just creativity from the developers.

    Apple built those features, so developers, put them in use for Crhist's sake!
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    I hope Crazy Taxi gets ported

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  5. BigmacX

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    Would love to see Crazy Taxi on iPod Touch. The graphics on Wingnuts Motocross look so Dreamcast like (or Sega Naomi Based arcades) that its really exciting.

    By the way...

    Since the Dreamcast was based on the Naomi Hardware, here are the specs for Naomi hardware from Sega and the games made for that arcade board. I justr drool @ the possibilities:

    NAOMI Specifications

    * CPU: Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC CPU (200 MHz 360 MIPS / 1.4 GFLOPS)
    * Graphic Engine: PowerVR 2 (PVR2DC)
    * Sound Engine: ARM7 Yamaha AICA 45 MHZ (with internal 32-bit RISC CPU, 64 channel ADPCM)
    * Main Memory: 32 MByte
    * Graphic Memory: 16 MByte
    * Sound Memory: 8 MByte
    * Media: ROM Board (maximum size of 172MBytes) / GD-Rom
    * Simultaneous Number of Colors: Approx. 16,770,000 (24bits)
    * Polygons: 5 Million polys/sec
    * Rendering Speed: 500 M pixel/sec
    * Additional Features: Bump Mapping, Fog, Alpha Blending, Mip-Mapping, Trilinear filtering, Anti-Aliasing, Environment mapping, and Specular Effects. [16]

    Made by Sega and third parties: (Those who have been in arcades for a long time will recognize these games:

    18 Wheeler
    Alienfront Online
    Airline Pilot
    Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse
    Cannon Spike
    Capcom vs SNK : Millenium Fight 2000
    Charge N' Blast
    Cosmic Smash
    Crackin' DJ
    Crackin' DJ Part 2
    Crazy Taxi
    Dead or Alive 2
    Dead or Alive 2 Version 2000
    Death Crimson OX
    Derby Owners Club
    Dynamite Baseball
    Dynamite Baseball '99
    Dynamite Deka EX - Asian Dynamite
    F1 World Grand Prix
    F335 Challenge
    F355 Challenge Twin
    F355 2 - International Course Edition
    F355 2 - International Course Edition Twin
    Fish Live
    Formation Battle In May*
    Giant Gram 2
    Giant Gram 2000
    Gigawing 2
    Guilty Gear X
    Gun Beat
    Gun Spike
    Gun Survivor 2 Biohazard - Code Veronica
    Heavy Metal : Geomatrix
    Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai 3
    Jambo! Safari
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Mars TV
    Mazan : Flash Of The Blade

    Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation VS Zeon
    Ninja Assault
    Power Stone
    Power Stone 2
    Project Justice: Rival Schools 2/Moero! Justice Gakuen
    Puyo Puyo Da!
    Puyo Puyo Fever
    Quiz Ah My Goddess
    Ring Out 4x4
    Samba de Amigo
    Sambo de Amigo ver.2000
    Sega Marine Fishing
    Sega Srike Fighter
    Sega Tetris
    Shootout Pool
    The House of the Dead II
    The Typing of the Dead
    Tokyo Bus Tour
    Touch de Uno!
    Touch de Uno! 2
    Toukon Retsuden 4/New Japan Pro Wrestling
    Toy Fighters/Waffupu
    Virtua NBA
    Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000
    Virtua Tennis / Power Smash
    Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2
    Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram MSBS Version 5.66
    Wave Runner GP
    World Kicks
    World Series '99
    WWF Royal Rumble
    Zero Gunner 2
    Zombie Revenge

    Naomi GD Rom

    Alienfront Online
    Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble
    Border Down
    Capcom vs SNK : Millenium Fight 2000 Pro
    Capcom vs SNK 2 : Millionare Fighting 2001
    Chaos Breaker
    Chaos Field
    Cleopatra Fortune Plus
    Confidential Mission
    Dimm Firm Update
    Dog Walking / InuNoOsanpo
    Dragon Treasure
    Dragon Treasure II
    Dragon Treasure III
    Get Bass 2
    Guilty Gear XX : The Midnight Carnival
    Guilty Gear XX #Reload
    Guilty Gear XX Slash
    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
    Jingi Storm
    Kuru Kuru Chameleon
    La keyboard
    Lupin 3 : The Shooting
    Lupin : The Typing
    Melty Blood - Act Cadenza
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeon
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation VS Zeon DX

    Moeru Kajinyo
    Monkey Ball
    Musapey's Choco Marker
    Nomiso Kone Kone Puzzle Takoron
    Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate
    Quiz k tie Q mode
    Senko No Ronde
    Shikigami No Shiro II / The Castle of Shikigami II
    Shakka to Tambourine
    Shakka to Tambourine 2001
    Shakka to Tambourine 2001 Power Up!
    Spikers Battle
    Sports Jam
    Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper
    Super Major League / World Series Baseball
    Super Shanghai 2005
    Tetris Kiwamemichi
    The Maze Of The Kings
    Trigger Heart Exelica
    Under Defeat
    Usagi Yasei no Topai - Yamashiro Mahjongg Compilation
    Virtua Athletics
    Virtua Golf / Dynamic Golf
    Virtua Tennis / Power Smash
    Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2
    Wild Riders

    Naomi 2
    Club Kart
    Club Kart : European Session
    Club Kart Prize
    King Of Route 66
    Quest Of D

    Sega Driving Simulator
    Soul Surfer
    Virtua Fighter 4
    Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
    Virtua Striker III
    Wild Riders


    Beach Spikers
    Club Kart Cycraft edition
    Initial D : Arcade Stage
    Initial D : Arcade Stage 2
    Initial D : Arcade Stage 3
    Initial D3 Cycraft Edition

    Naomi 2 GD Rom
    Virtua Fighter 4
    Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
    Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
    Virtua Striker III
    Wild Riders
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    WOW, too much info lol
  7. Schei3e

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    iPhone 3G (Black)
    F-zero would be amazing btw. it would be simple too. but i suppose a lot like every other racing game, except each car goes like 1 million mph other than like 70.

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