How I downgraded from 3.0 Final (GM) to 2.2.1

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    I actually downgraded after about 2 days of trying to get back from 3.0 to 2.2.1.

    I have an iPhone 3G and on Wednesday, like an excited child I immediately downloaded the 3.0 software due to my curiosity of what new toys i would get. At first I liked it and couldn't wait for the jailbreak to come out. Then on Saturday morning I downloaded the 3.0 iPhone 3G jailbreak (Redsn0w) and....
    I was very disappointed.

    Many of my favourite jailbreak apps did not work (e.g. Backgrounder and stacks) and many apps kept on crashing. I ended up restoring and rejailbreaking about 5 times as things kept on going wrong. Sometimes I could not even get into cydia as it just crashed immediately after it opened; and so i had to rejailbreak.

    After restoring my iPhone enough times, i was fed up with FW 3.0 and wanted to get back to the good old 2.2.1 Firmware.

    I researched on the internet and found out that it was 'impossible' to downgrade from the 3.0 final as it was 'undowngradeable'.

    I am going to tell you how i managed to downgrade from 3.0 and hopefully you will be able to do it too.

    Firstly I just tried doing it on my laptop by going into DFU mode and then shift restoring to 2.2.1 using iTunes (Version 8.2 Final)
    This did not work as I, like many others, just got the 1600 error.

    I tried uninstalling iTunes 8.2 and then installing 8.2 beta (I had read online that it may be possible to downgrade using the iTunes 8.2 beta). However once I had uninstalled 8.2 and installed the beta, iTunes would not run and I got a message along the lines of:
    The library was created using a later version of iTunes

    Then, in desperate hope of downgrading I took my sisters laptop and hoped she had not yet installed 8.2. I had a look at her iTunes version and it was: i thought before upgrading hers to iTunes 8.2 beta I might aswell try it with that version of iTunes.

    At this moment of time my iPhone was in DFU mode (From my previous tries) when I plugged it into my sisters laptop. I then tried the shift-restoring method and once again I got the 1600 error.
    My iPhone was still in DFU mode at this point but I thought I would have one last go.

    And so I re put my iPhone into DFU mode (Even thought I was pretty sure it was already in it) and waited until the iTunes restore message came up. I then tried the shift-restore method worked!

    I received no 1600 error message and at the end of the restore process I got the usual 1013 error (You are meant to get this error so don't worry).

    Because of the 1013 error you are supposed to get, at the end of the downgrade my iPhone was in recovery mode, and so to fix this all I had to do was:

    Open up quickpwn (ver 225-2)
    Then a quickpwn message came up telling me to hold the power button and the home button for 15 secs then the power Only for 2 secs.

    I did this and then my iPhone turned on into emergency call mode. i waited for iTunes to activate my iPhone and then after a few seconds it did so.

    I was then back on 2.2.1

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    I hope what I have said somehow helped you and I wish you luck downgrading to 2.2.1.

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