How do you have all your provisioning profiles and certificates set up?

Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by bamhm182, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Apple's How Tos don't completely explain it, so I'm going to ask. Sorry if some of you think this is another one of my stupid questions.

    Alright, so I think I have most the things set up right, but I'm not 100% sure, so I figured I'd ask how you have yours set up?

    In certificates>Development, I have 1 certificate for each person. In certificates>Distribution, I have 1 certificate that is linked to both the Ad Hoc and the App Store profiles.

    In App ID, I have 1 ID set up for each application like this:
    App Name: AppName
    App ID: com.DrWilsonGaming.AppName

    and an App ID set like this:
    App Name: Any Application
    App ID: com.DrWilsonGaming.*

    for apps that I haven't anything the developers want to test on their device, but that I haven't set up an ID for.

    In Provisioning>Development, I have a profile for each application with its App ID selected and every certificate/device selected. In Provisioning>Distribution, I have 1 AdHoc and 1 App Store set up under com.DrWilsonGaming.*

    I'm thinking that AdHoc is set up correctly, but that App Store should have 1 profile for every app, is this correct? Do you guys have your AdHoc and App Store profiles lumped together into 1, or do you have a separate profile for each of your applications?

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